Thesis structure

A first glance at the structure of the thesis.

The goal of my thesis is to design, implement and evaluate visualization and interaction techniques to help users getting insight into the recommendation process and also to adjust it. Many similar applications have been written and documented already. Many of these applications have been analyzed by academics and numerous research papers can be found.

Based on previous papers on this topic, the high level structure of the thesis looks as follows:

  • Introduction: introducing the subject and presenting the layout of the rest of the thesis;
  • Related works: taking a look at different aspects of recommender systems brought forth by different sources, providing an overall context through case studies and examples and pointing out the relevance of the thesis itself;
  • System design: a detailed description of the design of the application, the dataset, algorithms used and so on. This section should also include a motivation for design choices.
  • Experiments: providing a detailed description of the design of the experiments and the motivation for the choices made;
  • Evaluation: evaluation of the experiment results;
  • Conclusion: answering questions such as: “have the initial goals been reached?” and “what about future applications and studies?”.



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